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Life Without Cash

This Feuilleton was written on the demand for removing cash from circulation, which intensified due to the false coronavirus pandemic in 2020.

Money is a commodity that people accept by common consensus, to be a means of economic exchange. A long time ago, people traded all kinds of goods for various other goods. Money could have been everything then, and basically it is still today, although nowadays direct exchange of goods for goods is used much less frequently.

However, direct exchange of goods for goods is very troublesome. So it was facilitated by designating a certain group of goods that were widely recognized as valuable, homogeneous and easy to divide. These goods were cereals, salt, animals skins, whose value resulted from the fact that they were used to meet people's basic biological needs. It can be assumed that food was the first money among people at the dawn of human history.

Over time, the role of money was attributed to goods that did not serve directly to meet biological needs, but had a lasting utility value. Metals and even shells of certain snails were used. However, metals were most often used as money. People paid for various goods with small pieces of gold, silver and bronze, which over time were given the shapes they have today. These little pieces of metal are coins. Later, people invented banknotes that were much lighter than metal coins or bars. Their value and quantity was based on the precious metals reserves accumulated in the treasure house.

Gold and silver has always been the best money ever since people started using it. If the money was not broken, by re­ducing the amount of gold in coins, or by issuing banknotes in quantities exceeding the value of the accumulated gold, these money was the best.

At that time, the young man, starting his first job, knew what bread price to expect when he will be old. And most importantly, his savings were not devoured by inflation.

Today, there is nowhere money based on the value of the gold. Today's money is fiat money. The value of such money results only from the fact, that people think that this money has value.

However, even such money has some great and indisputable value.

That value is freedom.

A man with physical money in his pocket is a free man. Most people in the world do not understand this. They do not connect their freedom, with the fact of having physical money. Nor do they notice, that extensive efforts are being made to deprive us of this freedom, by eliminating cash from circula­tion.

In the mass media, we are pulled away from the use of the cash and even hostile to it, at every possible opportunity. We are told that cash turnover generates unnecessary costs asso­ciated with the production of money, its storage, transport, conversion, etc. And recently it is even alleged that coronavir­uses, and viruses in general, are carried on cash. If such a criterion were adopted, then everything that people touch should be eliminated, then… there will be no the world. Cash enemies cling to even the most ridiculous arguments, just to justify its withdrawal from circulation.

When it comes to electronic money, we are encouraged to use it. All these facilities for payments using payment cards and smartphones, that's what they are for. As a side note, I want to say, that when is no more cash, people will be encouraged to implant microchips into their bodies. Thanks to that payments can be by waving hand, over the cash register with rfid in the store, or in the restaurant.

Very many people have been convinced that honest people have nothing to hide. In their thoughtlessness they try to be so transparent that they do not even have curtains on the windows. - I have nothing to hide - they carelessly respond with superiority. Well, if they have nothing to hide, one day they'll go naked.

Electronic money is a special fiat money, because people think that it not only has value but that it exists. They don't know how wrong they are. There is simply no money, it does not exist physically. This money is only electrical impulses on the accounts of bank computers, which can be erased at any time, or turned off, just like the light in the room.

Is somebody will be try to turn off the cash in people's pockets? Real money, that based on the value of the gold, or even those fiat banknotes and coins, if they are physically in the pockets of people, it is impossible to turn them off.

In addition, you need to know that banks have the right to block money on your account for up to 72 hours, and this time can be extended for a longer period, if someone thinks that the money is being used for criminal purposes. You want to get out your own money from the bank for buy bread, and you can't. Everything under the guise of fighting terrorism and crime.

Now let's think about how our life will look like when cash is withdrawn from circulation and we only pay with electronic money.

Now, let's we think about how our life will look like when cash is withdrawn from circulation, and we only pay with elec­tronic money.

With electronic payments, they will know everything about us, our preferences, hobbies, our lifestyle, diseases, literally everything. We will not hide anything, nothing will be our private, we will want to pay our neighbor for a neighbor's favor, and it will be known to banks and government`s ser­vices. We will be like animals in the ZOO, which are observed at every moment of their lives.

And if we complain that any dirty slob spat on us on the bus, and someone reports it to the Police, then we will be accused of hate speech against Arabs or negroes, because they have such a culture that they spit on whites, especially on Christians, and wrong talking about it, it is hate speech against them and their culture. And then we can have up to three days, or even longer, blocked our electronic money on our bank account, under the guise of checking that they are not used for criminal purposes.

We may not have access to our bank account for much longer than just three days. Anyway, even three days can be a tragedy if we don't have food. In addition, our account may even be closed and the money confiscated.

If we somehow survive until our next salary, we will not see the money anyway, because no bank will open an account for us. But if we were lucky and we were able to open an account in any bank, then our next salary from our employer may also be confiscated, or blocked for some time.

We may lose our job and have trouble finding a new job. If someone would like to do us a favor and give us informal job, we won't have any money, because there won't be any cash in circulation. This person can buy food or shoes for us, and paid for these goods. But us friend will not pay us rent for home, because it will be too dangerous. And what about bills for water, energy, etc.? We will become homeless very soon, in addition we will be chased by feral debt collection companies. We will not have the opportunity to find leftover food in the basket, because these are often locked.

Someone will think that this is impossible. It is possible. And it can be different. Let's assume it's not we, but our good old friend was in such trouble. We bought him food, or even a tent, sleeping bag, backpack, and shoes. But unfortunately, someone has witnessed this. And the next day our account is blocked, because by helping our good friend, we supported the propagation of hate speech.

However, if cash was in circulation in the situation described above, we would have a much better chance to survive the anti-national actions of the government. Having some cash at home, we'll have the money money for own expenses. We can go to informal work and get money in hand, so we can pay rent and other fees, we can buy food, and nobody will control us.

Cash, or physical money in hand, guarantees our freedom. This freedom means that we can buy what we like, where we want, and when we want. We can speak, and we can do, what we like. Cash is not a light bulb, it cannot be turned off. Even if the cash is money without gold support, it still has the value that you can put it in your own pocket.

Dariusz Bugała

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